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Biography: Lovey


Adopt a Dog - Lovey from Scottsdale Arizona Lovey (0000002488)
Short Haired
Siberian Husky/ White
4 Months
Small Size


No Cats
Good w/ Dogs
Good w/ Older Kids


Lovey is one of our Gilligan's Island lovable pups. Her Siberian Husky mama, Ginger, gave birth to her after being sighted as a stray over many months. Ginger and our fantastic foster family have been caring for the pups since they were born.

Lovey is just like her name...loves to be loved. Lovey is all white with stunning blue eyes.

Our adoption criteria for all of the pups is firm:

1 - Husky experience required. Huskies are smart, stubborn, independent and destructive. And they are unique.
2 - The adoptive family must have an adult at home most of the time - ideally a stay-at-home or work from-home person. While we believe in kennel training, at this age a pup cannot be left more than a couple of hours at a time, and as she grows she will have even more need for stimulation - exercise, training and play.
3 - No cats. Some pups can learn to live with other species, but some cannot. At this age we are unable to safely assess prey drive.
4 - Ideally the adoptive family will have another balanced and active large breed dog - for play and learning.
5 - Commitment to training. Even experienced husky families need the support of group or individual training classes with a very young pup.
6 - Minimum adoption age 25.

The adoption fee is $400 and includes microchip, all vaccines and spay.

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