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Biography: Maxie


Adopt a Dog - Maxie from Scottsdale Arizona Maxie (0000002808)
Medium Haired
Poodle STANDARD, cream
2.5 Years
Large Size


Unknown w/ Cats
Good w/ Dogs
Good w/ All Kids


Please read this bio carefully and see if this is the right dog for your lifestyle and home:
Maxie is a 2-1/2-year-old Cream Standard Poodle. He is a dream on the leash and knows his basic commands, likes car rides, and would swim all day if you let him. Fetch is another of his favorite past-times and he likes to frolic in the grass. He bounces off all 4’s next to you when it is dinner time but doesn’t jump on you. He is the life of the party greeting everyone he sets his eyes on with a wag of his fluffy tail. He quietly curls up and the foot of the bed or on his dog bed at night. He is housetrained, and knows all about the doggie door. Max requires grooming every 6 weeks and is well trained for the groomer; enjoys his nail trims and spa days.

He loves other dogs and is very interactive so make sure your canine appreciates his gusto when it comes to playing. His nature is happy-go-lucky and he sometimes doesn’t respect the space another dog needs. He is crate trained or will stay behind a baby gate respectfully when you are home. His previous owner was with him 24/7 and took him everywhere. Good news; he is a dream in the car and when out in public places. Bad news is he doesn’t like being left behind at home. He is a true Velcro dog always looking for his person, even if you just get up for a moment he follows you from room to room. He is learning in his foster home how to relax, that his family will always come back home for him. His 2021 New Year’s resolutions include: Finding a new family, learning not to counter surf & quitting his door dashing habit. He is quick, but the most loving dog who thinks his person hung the moon.

Maxie's adoption fee is $450. If you think he might be a good fit for your home, please fill out an application at

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