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Biography: Meadow


Adopt a Dog - Meadow from Scottsdale Arizona Meadow (0000002822)
Medium Haired
Husky/Shepherd / White & Black
1 Month
Medium Size


Unknown w/ Cats
Unknown w/ Dogs
Unknown w/ Kids


Meadow is a beautiful female puppy with a husky mix and German Shepherd mix mom and dad.
She is a fun loving typical young playful puppy!

Our adoption criteria for all of the pups is firm:

1 - Husky experience required. Huskies are smart, stubborn, independent and destructive. And they are unique.
2 - The adoptive family must have an adult at home most of the time - ideally a stay-at-home or work from-home person. While we believe in kennel training, at this age a pup cannot be left more than a couple of hours at a time, and as they grow they will have even more need for stimulation - exercise, training and play.
3 - No cats. Some pups can learn to live with other species, but some cannot. At this age we are unable to safely assess prey drive.
4 - Ideally the adoptive family will have another balanced and active large breed dog - for play and learning.
5 - Commitment to training. Even experienced husky families need the support of group or individual training classes with a very young pup.
6 - Minimum adoption age 25.
7- No apartment or condos

The adoption fee is $500 and includes microchip, all vaccines and spay/neuter

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