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Biography: Courtesy Post - Wiley


Adopt a Dog - Courtesy Post - Wiley from Scottsdale Arizona Courtesy Post - Wiley (0000002847)
Medium Haired
Shepherd/Husky mix
1.5 Years
Medium Size


No Cats
No Dogs
Good w/ All Kids


Courtesy Post - please contact current owner for detail and adoption fee.

The Fetch Foundation placed this pup about a year ago when he was barely 8 mos. He has now grown into a awesome dog with lots of training. The owner adores him but realizes needs more room to run and a family to make him happy.
Notes from his owner / trainer...
Wylie got his name because he looked so much like a coyote when we got him. The name just fit. Wiley is 20 months old. He is a German Shepherd Husky mix. I did an Embark DNA test. ( No coyote in him ). He is a loving happy, funny boy. He has had training and knows many words and commands. Heel means to walk, Here instead of come, Sit & Stay, Plots instead of down, Leave it, Wait at doors and gates and he Waits for his food , say OK. Go potty.
He loves baths, the hair dryer and the vacuum run on him. He likes the nail grinder used on nails. He doesn't mind having his teeth brushed either.
He really likes kids. He likes dogs that ignore him, but has reaction to dogs that charge him or stare at him. He has gone through a reactive class and did pretty good. But, still needs work. Wiley goes to the dog park only to work on the outside of the park and work on good behavior with the dogs inside. Wiley has his own bed and does not get on furniture. He is house broke and after crating him for awhile after we got him I tested him with short trips away from the house. He did great. Once in awhile he will take a tissue from the small trash can so I tried to keep it emptied. Continued training on this also.
Wiley needs a yard & hopefully kids and a mellow dog friend. A family that will involve him in camping, or family gatherings. He has been camping with us several times.
Wiley does not go to the bathroom while on walks but when you get home he needs to go out to take care of business. It will take him a day to potty if you go camping.
For a healthier dog I feed him Whole Milk plain Yogurt in the morning 1 tablespoon. He gets frozen green beans (frozen do not have salt, do not heat) a handful at dinner. I alternate cooked sweet potatoes and add those in the morning and I will also give him cooked chicken or gizzards at dinner. He eats Kirkland Salmon and Sweet Potato. I get his elk antlers through Amazon made by veterans in the USA. He loves his other toys also.
He is up to date on his shots and was neutered when we got him at 8 months old. He is micro chipped.
I love Wiley very much and this is a very difficult decision but one that needs to be.
Please reach out to Dawn for more info and a meeting.
317-508-5959 Wiley is in the Sun City AZ Home visit required.
He will do best as an only dog

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