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Biography: Felix


Adopt a Dog - Felix from Scottsdale Arizona Felix (0000002885)
Medium Haired
Bichon Frise mix white
6 Months
Small Size


Good w/ Cats
Good w/ Dogs
Good w/ Older Kids


Little Felix is about 6 to 7 months old and a Bichon Frise mix. Felix is a super sweet pup who has had a rough couple of months. He was turned in to a vetclinic for euthanasia when he broke his front paw trying to jump over a baby gate and the family couldn't afford this costly surgery. Luckily the vet clinic called us right away and we got this sweet boy the help he needed. His complicated fracture was repaired by an orthopedic surgeon and his leg/paw heeled perfectly. Keeping an energetic pup calm and on activity restriction has not been his favorite thing but he still is the happiest goofiest little puppy.

Here is what his foster mom has to say about him;
He is always happy and ready to play. He loves all kinds of toys and loves taking all of his toys out of the basket. He is still learning gentle playing manners but he is a fast learner.

Felix loves children and loves to go to my daughters’ room first thing in the morning to wake them up. He doesn’t like when they leave the room and he always wants to be with them. He wants to play with all dogs, big or small and also gets along great with cats.
Felix would love a home with other dogs and/or older children.

Felix is almost potty trained and has learned to go to the back door when he wants to go outside. He is still on activity restrictions and cannot run or jump around and has to be taken outside on a leash for a couple more weeks (as of July 8th, 2021)

Like all our dogs Felix is neutered, up to date on vaccine, had extensive blood work and is micro chipped. Felix will need a grooming commitment, he does have hair,not fur and is non-shedding. We will need to be groomed every 5 to 6 weeks.
His adoption fee is $450

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