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April  27,2015

Hello Spotted Dog Lovers!  Dillon needs your help!

 I was getting ready to send out an update on Lacey, the liver Dalmatian who has bladder cancer, when I got a call from the shelter on this new boy, so I'm combining the emails. Firstly, Lacey is doing surprisingly well and is hanging in there in foster care with the help of pain meds and a wonderful foster Mom who is spoiling her and taking great care of her. So that is some good news!



Next is Dillan pictured above.  He is extremely thin and came into the shelter yesterday. They called and begged me to take him, so we'd like to raise some funds to give him the best vet care possible to figure out what is wrong with him. He will need what's called a "desert disease blood panel" to cover tick fever, valley fever, organ function and blood cell count. He will also need a fecal and possibly x-rays.

We will also need to board him at our vets in isolation until we are sure he is not contagious, then we'd love to find him a foster home to give him some TLC and ongoing care.  Our goal is to raise $800 for his ongoing vet needs.  You can donate to Dillan's vet care by going to our website and clicking on the donate button via paypal. Here is the link:

 If you'd rather mail a check you can do so, the po box is listed at top right corner of our website.

Please consider a donation, the sooner we can raise some funds the sooner we can get him in for a good check up and treatment at the vets.  You can also call Kaibab Animal Hospital directly and make a payment on our account. The number there is 480-947-8113




March, 2014 

***Missy does need ongoign care since she is an insuline dependend dog. Test stips and diabetic suppies are VERY expensive.***** April 2015

We currently have several dogs in need of medical attention. Some of these dogs we took in knowing that they will require medical attention other like Missie we had no idea.  Missie came to us as an owner surrender. Her elderly owner was no longer able to care for her. Missie and her 'sister' Princess have been in our care since November of 2013. It is alwasy a bit harder to adopt out a pair.

About a week ago Missie became suddenly ill, not eating and very lethargic.  We took her to the vet and found she was suffering from diabetes with Ketoacidosis.  It is considered a dire emergency, one in which immediate treatment is required to save the life of the animal.  She is still undergoing treatment, and the expenses are well approaching $1000.  Missie will need daily insulin shots and special food and we are looking to purchase a glaucometer (we were able to borrow one from our vet for now.) as well to messure her blood sugar level.  We are lucky that Missie has a very caring foster at this time but hope that eventually she will find her forever home.

Please help us make sure she survives this deadly condition.  Thank you!

Please click below to donate.