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In Loving Memory of Michael J Schullo

Michael J Schullo 


Mike was an incredible man with a heart of gold. He grew up in Hudson, Wisconsin.  He moved to the Phoenix area shortly after High School graduation and remained there for the rest of his life. He has two kids Michael, 26 and Allison, 24 along with one Grandchild, Bentley who is 7.

Mike was an animal lover to the core.  He was likely greeted at the gates of Heaven by his childhood dog Ringo and several other favorites Cuddles, Pookie and Bootsie (his cat). 

One of Mike’s favorite things to do was to draw fun pictures with Bentley of their dog, Lucky. Lucky, who is a 6 year old Boxer mix (we think, hard to say!), was Mike’s partner in crime for the past 5 years. They were inseparable and were the absolute best of friends. Lucky was always laying right next to Mike’s wheelchair to make sure he was safe at all times. He had to get a bigger bed so lucky could sleep right next to him!  Mike will surely be missed but will never be forgotten, especially by his furry friends. 

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In Loving Memory of Lionel Joseph Lavoie

Lionel Joseph Lavoie, 72 of Scottsdale AZ passed away on March 12, 2016

Lionel and his wife Toni loved the life they lived together. They spent their free time enjoying American nature to the fullest. They rescued and loved many homeless dogs (and cats) over the years. Lionel's favorite TV show were the Animal Planet and Dog Rescue 911. Lionel took pride in all that he dedicated his time to and was very concerned that any animal might be homeless.

In lieu of flowers please donate to Lucky Dog Rescue in Scottsdale AZ on behalf of Lional.

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In Loving Memory of Don Woods

In loving memory of our Father, Don Woods, 1/8/1950 – 5/3/2015 Our dad was a simple man and didn’t want for much but to be with his family, animals, enjoy the outdoors, and make everyone laugh. He was the life of every party – his storytelling would captivate everyone in the room. As a teenager, our buddies would say “invite your dad, invite your dad”, because they knew that, like us, he just wanted to have a good time. Dad was a true cowboy at heart – hat, boots, buckles, ropes, wranglers – and loved his wide open spaces. He loved being out in nature and needed little more– just a lake, his fly-fishing gear and Coors Original. We’d have the best time out there – telling stories, calling cougars and getting rowdy. He taught us all how to have fun.

I think the only thing our Dad loved more than the Country was his animals. Dogs, cats, donkeys, horses, fish, turtles, chicken, pheasants, quail, goats, ferrets (you name it, he had it) – I remember as a kid always coming home to a new rescued animal. One time there was an injured wild rabbit that Dad took in and cared for until completely healed and vital. Nothing gave him more joy than rescuing the hurt and nurturing it back to life. When it came to his animals, Dad was selflessly at their service. You don’t usually see a cowboy be so gentle.

Please donate to Lucky Dog Rescue on Dad's behalf, and help his love for
animals and life live on.   To donate, please go to this link:



"In memory of Sian. Companion and protector.  Loved and missed."  From Angela




In loving memory of Louis W. Wutz, 04/11/1928 to 10/12/2013

In loving memory of Richard Grimes October 6, 1940-September 27, 2013 In honor of Gigi

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In memory of my friend and long time Lucky Dog Rescue foster and volunteer,

Pamela Thompson

July 6th, 1972 - June 30th, 2013


 Pam Thompson was a wonderful friend, volunteer, and foster for Lucky Dog Rescue. Pam loved dogs and cats. She really was a true animal advocate. Many dogs, puppies, kittens and cats ended up in Pam’s care over the years. Pam truly was an expert at bottle feeding the tiniest of kittens. Her dog Morgan, a beautiful lab girl, was always on hand to show puppies how that doggy door worked. Tragically, Pam passed away of cancer at the age of 40 on June 30,  2013.

Pam had been a volunteer for Lucky Dog Rescue since 2006. The school that Pam worked for is in a very poor neighborhood, and people often asked her to help out with litters of kittens and puppies. Pam never turned anyone down. She would help raise money for the care and vet bills for these little creatures and often used her own money for food, milk and such.

Pam leaves a huge void within Lucky Dog Rescue and I, along with many other volunteers, will miss her every day.

It was Pam’s mom’s idea to create a memorial fund to honor Pam’s life and love for animals. My hope is that Pam’s legacy can continue on by creating a Pamela Thompson Fund to help unwanted and stray dogs and cats by providing veterinary care and a safe place to be until a few forever home can be found.

Lucky Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run completely by unpaid volunteers like Pam. All monies raised go directly to the care of our dogs.

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In Memory of Paul Dressel

Paul with 'Lucky Dogs" Wilhelmina and Ivan.

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